Policies and Forms


Cubby Use Policy

  • Please do not leave DML books in the cubbies. DML staff will be removing and reshelving books on a regular basis.
  • Leaving personal items in the cubbies is at your own discretion. The Library is not responsible for lost items.
  • Cubbies will be cleaned out in March, June, August, and December. Materials left in cubbies will be disposed of or sent to DPS's Lost and Found.

Donation Policy

Dahlgren Memorial Library [DML] welcomes gifts that strengthen and support the library’s mission and collections as well as the mission of the Georgetown University Medical Center. However, DML is in the forefront of health sciences libraries in moving from a 20th Century print based collection to a 21st Century electronic only collection. Our available resources are broader and deeper in scope than ever before, but we no longer acquire journal / serial publications in print, and acquire very few print books.

Space for print materials is extremely limited and shrinking on a daily basis, so accepting donations of print materials is a complicated decision process. Therefore, donors may also want to consider the Better World Books organization as an option for print material donations.

Prospective donors must provide a detailed, written inventory list of the materials they wish to give to DML. Unfortunately, except on very rare occasions, we do not have staff to assist in preparation of the list. We do not have space to accept and review materials in the library; on receipt of the inventory list, DML staff will review it, and notify the donor of materials that we are able to accept.

It is a condition of acceptance that DML reserves the right to retain, dispose of, or sell materials at its discretion with no notification to the donor.

DML does not provide appraisals for donated materials, but will provide a letter of appreciation that describes the donation in general and attaches the specific list for the donor to use for tax deduction purposes. The donor determines and must defend the value of the materials.

Archival / Historic Material
Dahlgren Memorial Library does not collect or retain materials of an archival or historic nature; we do not have a “history of medicine” program, mission or collection.

If material is believed to be of historic value or significance, DML may work with the Georgetown University Lauinger Library Special Collections Department to review the materials for potential acquisition, but DML reserves the right to sell that material and retain the moneys collected to benefit DML programs.

In some circumstances, Dahlgren Memorial Library may refer donors directly to Lauinger Library.

For further assistance, please contact Linda Van Keuren or call 202-687-1187.

Electronic Resources Policy

Please consult the Electronic Resources Policy for responsible use of all of DML's electronic resources.

Fax Service

  • Faxing services are available to GU/MGUH patrons at the DML Information Services Desk. You must present a GU/MGUH ID to use the faxing service.
  • Faxes are free and DML offers fax cover sheets.
  • Faxing services are not available for international locations.
  • Dahlgren Memorial Library is not responsible for errors in faxing due to poor image quality, problems on receiving end, incorrect numbers, etc.
  • DML will make 3 attempts to fax documents. Failure may be caused by wrong number or it was busy at the time.
  • Dahlgren Memorial Library does not receive confirmation that the document went through so DML recommends that patrons contact the person who is receiving the document.
  • DML does not receive faxes.

Food, Drink, and Cell Phone Policy

Food and drinks are permitted throughout Dahlgren Memorial Library. Library users are expected to be responsible and adopt the “leave no trace” philosophy in their use of food and drink in the library by properly disposing of all trash, recycling whenever possible, removing any traces of food and drink, and cleaning all surfaces. This will help prevent critters from visiting the library.

No cell phone use in DML; please take outside as a courtesy to your fellow students.

Medical Center Room Keys

  • Keys for your reserved space, unless otherwise indicated by the reserving department and your confirmation, should be picked up from the Dahlgren Memorial Library Information Services Desk. In order to gain access to your space, you must provide the Information Services Desk with your confirmation email, name of the person who reserved the room and/or name of the event.
  • If you did not reserve a space then you will need to reserve through the room reservation system, Virtual EMS. DML only checks out keys to patrons according to the Virtual EMS.
  • The Information Services Desk hours are 8am-8pm, Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays. If you have a room reservation during IS Desk staff hours, you may pick the key up anytime between 8am-8pm. Please see the following chart for key pickup guidelines:
Your reservation day and time is You can pick up keys
Monday - Friday between 8am - 8pm Between 8am - 8pm the day of the reservation
Tuesday - Friday after midnight and before 8am Between 8am - 8pm the day before the reservation
Monday - Friday between 8pm - midnight Between 8am - 8pm the day of the reservation
Anytime Saturday, Sunday, or Monday between midnight-8am Between 8am - 8pm Fridays
University Holiday Between 8am - 8pm the business day before the reservation
  • You may access your reserved room only during your reservation times.
  • Keys should be returned at the Information Services Desk immediately following the conclusion of your reservation. Please return the keys to the Information Services Desk during staff hours. During non-staff hours, please drop the key in the drop box.
  • There is a $5 per hour late fee for not returning the keys on time and a $50 lost key charge. It is the reserving party’s responsibility to ensure the keys are returned.
  • Questions regarding key sign outs should be directed to the Information Services Desk: dmlcirculation@georgetown.edu or 202-687-1448.

Study Carrel and Table Usage Policy

  • DML has limited amount of seating and study areas - 343 seats to be exact - serving an average of over 1,000 people entering the building everyday.
  • For the sake of fairness, study carrels and tables must be available on a first come basis, and cannot be reserved when not in use.
  • Please do not attempt to hold a space by leaving personal items unattended for extended periods of time.
  • When leaving DML, please take your items with you or place them in the cubbies located on the 2nd floor. However, if you do leave your items in the cubbies, please be aware that theft unfortunately occurs and that the library is not responsible for stolen items.
  • A member of the DML staff walks through all four floors several times daily, in the morning and evenings. If they come across unattended belongings, they will leave a note reminding you about this policy.
  • If the items remain unattended *12 hours after leaving that note* a staff member removes them and leaves a sign indicating they are at the Information services Desk Lost & Found bin.
  • A recent survey conducted by the student users indicated that nearly 50% of GUSoM classes agreed with this policy and wanted it in place. The Dean for Medical Education, Dr. Mitchell, also supports this policy.

Study/Group Teaching Spaces and Study Rooms

Study/Group Teaching Spaces:

Lower Level: LL1-LL10
First Floor: GT1-GT10

Study Rooms:

Lower Level: A-E
Ground Floor: A & B

Study/Group Teaching Spaces and Study Rooms are available only to Georgetown University (GU) and MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (MGUH) patrons. Visitors accompanying GU/MGUH affiliates may use study rooms with them during visitor hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm excluding holidays).

  • Study spaces may be reserved up to a two hour period. Sequential or multiple time blocks over 2 hours may not be reserved at one time.
  • Non-consecutive one hour reservations (ex. 1-2pm and  8-9pm) in a single day will need to be submitted as two separate reservation requests.
  • To make reservations, you must sign up with your @georgetown.edu or @gunet.georgetown.edu email address. Reservations made with another type of email address will be cancelled.
  • Priority is group study (2+ people).
  • Reservations must be made when on campus and while connected to the campus network on the day of the reservation.
  • As a courtesy to your fellow colleagues, if you are in a group, please have only one member reserve a study room. Please do not have other members of the group reserve sequentially/multiple time blocks at one reservation. Once you and your group have finished your first 2 hour block then you can reserve the room again if available.
  • When your time is up, please vacate the room for the next patron. If the space has not been reserved, you may renew your reservation for an additional two hour period.
  • If you are asked to vacate a room for someone who has reserved it, please do so.
  • Reserved spaces must be claimed by 15 minutes past the time that the reservation begins. After 15 minutes, your entire reservation will be cancelled and the room will be considered open and available for use by other patrons.
  • Please keep the spaces clean including erasing the whiteboards and being courteous to others. This includes not leaving your belonging unattended. DML is not responsible for unattended belongings.
  • Failure to comply with any aspects of this policy can lead to revocation of all room reservation privileges within DML.
  • GUMC/MGUH faculty and staff who want to reserve study rooms for a special event, please email dmlcirculation@georgetown.edu. Requests must be at least 1 business day before the event date.

Table Borrowing

Rothstein Reading Room Tables:

  • There are 10 tables that patrons can check out if available.
  • Only GU/MGUH patrons may borrow the tables.
  • Patrons may only borrow tables, not chairs.
  • Patrons may borrow tables from the Rothstein Reading Room, if there are any available.
  • Patrons must fill out the table agreement form.
  • No loaning tables after 5:30pm and all tables must be returned by 7:30pm.
  • The loan period is for 4 hours and can be renewed, but not extend after 7:30pm.
  • Dahlgren staff are not responsible for delivery of tables or picking them up.
  • These tables are subject to availability, so there will be no reserving.

Reserved Tables:

  • There are 8 tables (no chairs) to reserve and only GUMC/MGUH faculty/staff can check out these tables.
  • Reservations are made through Benjamin Sussman
  • If a faculty/staff did not reserve the tables may check out these tables if available and there are no reservations during that time.
  • For faculty/staff who are checking out these tables and did not reserve the table then the loan period is the same as the tables in the Reading Reserve Room (4 hours and can be renewed, but not extend after 7:30pm).
  • For patrons who did reserve the table(s), please tell IS Desk staff when you can return the table(s). If using it after operating hours on a weekday then please tell IS Desk staff what time the next day that you can return it. If you are using the table(s) during the weekend then please tell IS Desk staff when you can bring it back on Monday. Please return the tables during IS Desk operating hour (8am-8pm, Monday-Friday excluding holidays).
  • Faculty/staff do not need to fill out the agreement form for these tables.