Loan Periods and Overdue Fines (Equipment & Technology)

You are responsible for knowing the due date and returning materials by the due date. In order to reduce environmental impact, date due cards will not be provided but you will be informed of the due date at the time you borrow materials. If you forget the due date, please call the Information Services Desk (IS Desk) at 202.687.1448, email DML Circulation, or stop by the Information Services Desk when it is open. The DML Catalog also can be used to view due dates and renew materials (Instructions for using the DML Catalog).

If you want to renew hourly materials, please contact or stop by the Information Services Desk between Monday-Friday when it is open.

*Library email reminders are sent as a courtesy*

During non-staff hours, please drop all materials except for keys in the book drop. Please place keys in the key drop box. During staff hours, please drop materials at the Information Services Desk. Please note that we do not check the book drop during weekends and holidays. Items that were due before the IS Desk closes will accrue fines during the days that the IS Desk is closed.

When materials are checked out under your library account, you are responsible for returning them on time.

You are responsible for all fees and fines for late and lost materials.

If fines reach $50 and over, you will lose library and database access privileges. Fines can be paid with cash, check, or GOCard.

Table 1: Information on loan periods, renewal periods, and fine amounts for DML circulation items other than books
Materials Loan Periods Renewals Overdue Fines Lost Fee
Anatomical Models 2 Hours Between Monday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Depends on demand $10.00 Per Hour
Chargers †

MacBook, iPhone, Android
4 Hours Depends on demand $1.00 Per Hour
DML Study Room Monitor Equipment †  

Includes: HDMI cable, remote control, VGA cable, Mac adaptor, USB C, and DVI adaptor.
4 Hours Depends on demand $1.00 Per Hour
DVD 4 HoursDepends on demand$0.50 Per Day
iPad † 1 Weeknone$10.00 Per Hour
Keyboard #
4 HoursDepends on demand$.50 Per Hour
Microphones † 4 HoursDepends on demand$1.00 Per Hour
Mouse # 4 HoursDepends on demand$.50 Per Hour
Noise Cancelling Headphones4 HoursDepends on demand$.50 Per Hour
Room Keys Based on Room Reservationsnone $5.00 Per Hour
Surge Protectors †4 HoursDepends on demand $1.00 Per Hour
Tables 4 HoursDepends on demand $5.00 Per Hour
Virtual Reality Headsets One Weeknone $10.00 Per Hour

† These materials can be checked out overnight and will be due 9am the next day. Or, they may be checked out over weekends and due 9am on Monday.

# These materials cannot be checked out overnight/weekends because they cannot be placed in the book drop for returns.