Access Dahlgren Memorial Library, whenever and wherever you need it, with Lean Library

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The DML Lean Library browser extension provides quick and simple access to full-text content, library announcements, and research help right when you need it and at no cost to you.

After installing the extension, the DML Bulldog icon and DML pop-up will appear on select websites to help you contact a librarian and access full-text books and articles.

The extension can:
Help you research
Clicking on the DML bulldog icon quickly connects you to a librarian via chat or email without having to leave the current page.

Save you money
When you are on a page that requests payment for an article or book, the Lean Library extension leads you to the DML subscription, a legal open-access alternative, or a Document Delivery request form.

Save you time
No need to open a second web page to check if DML has a subscription, the browser extension will notify you right on the publisher’s site.

Keep you informed
Library workshops and announcements will be shared via the browser extension.

Download Lean Library