DML Discover – now enhanced with Artificial Intelligence

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DML Discover (AI enhanced), a platform designed for the global discovery of high quality biomedical information resources, now features several key enhancements:

Semantic Search Enhancement: The platform has integrated semantic search capabilities. This enhancement enables the search mechanism to interpret and match the meaning of queries more effectively, rather than just relying on literal search terms. This can potentially improve the relevance of search results by understanding the context and intent behind the query.

Summarize Button: A new feature includes a “Summarize” button, providing  a concise summary of the contents from the top search results. This summary also includes links to the relevant articles. Please note that this functionality is currently in beta.

Biomedical Limits Using MeSH Terms:  These limits are based on Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) terms. This feature filters search results more precisely according to specific biomedical topics or criteria.

To try out DML Discover (AI enhanced),  use the search box at the top of the DML Resources page.

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