Flash and Dash

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First Fridays Flash & Dash Info Sessions
A FLASH of inspiration/information allows you to DASH back to the office or study cubicle in no time. Get up to speed on all the new gadgets, widgets, gizmos, fads, tech trends, apps, resources, and upgrades.

Refreshing beverages and ideas await you!
Under thirty minutes.
All levels of experience welcome.
Meet in DML Conference Room @ Noon.

Spring 2011 Schedule
Friday 2/4: What’s Twitter & Why Use It
Friday 3/4: Mobile Apps of the Moment
Friday 4/1: New Alternatives to PubMed
Friday 5/6: Browser Productivity: Using Firefox Add-ons, Extensions, & Plug-ins

Info Session Descriptions

What’s Twitter & Why Use It
Twitter is being used to disseminate information rapidly. Find out about what you can do to share short bits of information quickly and instantly with others. Learn about how the medical community is utilizing this service. You’ll be ready to tweet in less than 30 minutes.

Mobile Apps of the Moment
Are you overwhelmed with the sheer volume of apps out there? Want our expert opinion on what we think are the must-have medical, productivity, and fun apps of the moment? Give us 30 minutes, and we’ll tell you all about it.

New Alternatives to PubMed
Love the articles in PubMed but don’t love the search interface? Or, perhaps you are looking for new options to discover fabulous research articles? In 30 short minutes, we’ll go over four new, free alternatives to the PubMed search interface and demonstrate how you can continue to access those same great articles via one of the new user-friendly search interfaces!

Browser Productivity: Using Firefox Add-ons, Extensions, & Plug-ins
Is Firefox your default Internet browser and you want to get more out of it? Or, are you an Internet Explorer user and need some good reasons to convert to Firefox? For this thirty minute session, we’ll explore the top add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins to make Firefox more personalized and productive.