Study Carrel & Table Usage Policy

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Below is Dahlgren Memorial Library’s policy on study carrel and table usage. It can also be found on the DML Web site (new window). Please feel free to share your comments.

  • DML has limited amount of seating and study areas – 343 seats to be exact – serving an average of 1,000 people entering the building every day.
  • For the sake of fairness, study carrels and tables must be available on a first come basis, and cannot be reserved when not in use.
  • Please do not attempt to hold a space by leaving personal items unattended for extended periods of time.
  • Unfortunately, due to the high risk of theft, when you leave DML, you must take your personal items with you.
  • A member of the DML staff walks through all four floors in the morning and evening. If they come across unattended belongings, they will leave a note reminding you about this policy.
  • If the items remain unattended the following day **12 hours later** a staff member removes them and leaves a sign indicating they are at the Information Services Desk Lost & Found bin.
  • A recent survey indicated that 40% of the Med School class agreed with the policy and wanted it in place.