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From: Claiborne Childs, Jonar de Guzman, Hahn Soe-Lin
Co-Chairs, LCME Independent Student Committee

This week, we, the LCME student committee, are launching the student survey portion of Georgetown’s institutional self-assessment. This entails collecting feedback from the student body on a wide variety of issues, from the effectiveness of our curriculum, to the quality of our teaching, to the state of our facilities. The results from this student self-assessment will contribute to a substantial and critical portion of the report that is submitted to the LCME accreditation body so that Georgetown can continue to identify strengths and improve upon its weaknesses.

Georgetown’s continued accreditation rests upon this self-assessment process, and consequently, each of you plays a crucial role in the future success of our institution. With your help, we as a medical school can continue to thrive for years to come.

For these reasons, we feel that it is absolutely essential that every student completes this survey. The survey should take no longer than 25-30 minutes of your time, but must be submitted by 11:59PM EST on January 25th. You will be asked to enter your NetID on the survey to prevent duplicate submissions, but as this is a student-run survey we wanted to assure you that your feedback will remain entirely anonymous.

The links to each of the four class surveys are provided here. Please click on the appropriate link that corresponds to your current class to complete the survey:

Class of 2013 (M1) Survey: (new window)

Class of 2012 (M2) Survey: (new window)

Class of 2011 (M3) Survey: (new window)

Class of 2010 (M4) Survey: (new window)

Thank you for your efforts. We look forward to your responses!