DML Facility Work

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During the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, two Facilities projects will be undertaken in DML:

  • Sound system: a new sound system will be installed on the 2nd floor. This will be very noisy, with drilling and installation of 38+ speakers plus wiring.
    The noise will travel to all parts of DML, and may occasionally sound like gunshots as bolts are implanted into concrete beams and the ceiling.
    21 December 2017 – 02 January 2018
  • Painting: more than 30 doors throughout DML will be sanded and repainted. Some will be removed from their hinges to accomplish this.
    20 December 2017 – 22 December 2017

The DML facility remains open during the University holidays 24/7 with SecTek Guard service.
Thank you for your patience & understanding.