Asbestos Abatement Project

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Occupant Notification: Asbestos Abatement Project
Posted: 15 JUNE 2015
On or around 17 JULY 2015, an asbestos abatement project will occur on the Second Floor of Dahlgren Memorial Library.
The project will involve removal of floor tiles containing asbestos material; Phase I will be completed in @ 30 days; Phase II will be completed sometime before 30 JUNE 2016.
The District of Columbia, the Occupational, Safety & Health Administration and Environmental Protection Agency regulations concerning this type of activity will be followed to protect the health and possessions of the building occupants.
A professional contractor licensed in the District of Columbia is performing the asbestos abatement. The work will be performed within an enclosed area, meeting requirements as specified by applicable District of Columbia and Federal regulations.
Georgetown University has retained the services of an industrial hygiene contractor to monitor the activities of the asbestos abatement contractor and to collect and have analyzed air samples during and after asbestos abatement for quality control and final air clearance.
Following removal operations, the work area(s) will be cleaned using the procedures as outlined in the District of Columbia and Federal regulations. After the re-occupancy criteria, as established by District of Columbia have been met, the work area will be reopened only to personnel associated with the renovation.
If you have any questions regarding this project contact Brandon Hudson, DML Facilities Coordinator at 7-1187 or Chungan Lin, Safety & Environmental Management at 7-7172.