From Lauinger Library

  1. Start out in front of Lauinger Library.
  2. Follow the red brick path and Healy Lawn will on the right and Riggs Library on the left.
  3. Continue on the path and pass Healy Hall on left.
  4. The next building on the left will be Gaston Hall then Copley Hall.
  5. After Copley Hall, you will cut through Red Square and the ICC Building will be on the left and White Gravenor on the right.
  6. Continue following the path and go up the flight of stairs.
  7. The Reiss Science Building will be on left and cemetery on the right.
  8. Once you have reached Henle Village on your right cross Tondorf Road. Leavey Center will be on your left and Kober Cogan will be on you right.
  9. Follow the walkway in the underpass between Leavey Center (on your left) and Pasquerilla Healthcare Center (on your right).
  10. Once you are out from the underpass you will see the Leavey Center’s Hotel to your left (green awning) and the Lombardi Cancer Center to your right (blue awning).
  11. From the Lombardi Cancer Center take a left onto the sidewalk that parallels the building. The sidewalk will drop you on a service road.
  12. Straight across that road is the Preclinical Science Building in which the Library is housed.
  13. Use the building entrance right in front of you. Go down the corridor (Hallway B) and turn left in the main hallway. The glass-enclosed entrance to the Library is a short distance down this main hallway on the left.